Openess is very important to the Stoke sub Hamdon Recreational Trust and on this site you will find links to our routine reports making them available to the public to ensure the transparency necessary for a local charity.

Trustees Annual Reports

This report is produced annually for the Annual General Meeting and comprises:

  • Chairmans Report
  • Treasurers Report
  • Charity Shop Committee Report
  • May Fayre Committee Report
  • Stoke Performing Arts Group Committee Report

The report forms part of the annual return to the Charity Commission and is also distributed to the following organisations:

  • Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council
  • South Somerset District Council
  • Somerset County Council

To view reports, click here: Trustees Annual Reports

Annual Accounts:

The Annual Accounts are prepared by an independent Accountant, who inspects the Trusts records and produces the Accounts and the Independent Examiners Report on the Accounts.  The Accounts comprise:

  • Trust information
  • Statement by the Trust Treasurer
  • Statement of Financial Activities – Income and Expenditure
  • Balance Sheet
  • Notes on Financial Statement
  • Statement by Independent Examiner.

The Accounts form part of the Annual return to the Charity Commission and are distributed as follows:

  • Parish Council
  • South Somerset District Council

To view Accounts, click here Annual Accounts

Annual Budgets:

Annual budgets are set for the following activities at the end of each financial year (December) for the following financial year:

  • Recreation Ground Management
  • Charity Shop
  • May Fayre

Once the budgets are agreed by the Sports and Recreation Trust, the relevant sub-committees managing those budgets are authorised to operate to those budgets.  Any changes to the budget have to be referred back to the Trust for approval. The Treasurer provides monthly reports of performance against budgets to enable financial management of the Trusts activities.  Annual budgets are retained for internal use, except for the Facilities Management Budget, which is distributed to the Parish Council.

To view Annual Budgets, click here: Annual Budgets

Facilities Management Plans:

The Facilities Maintenance Plan is issued annually in December of each year for the following financial year and details the budget line items for the operation, management and upkeep of the Recreation Ground, West Street.  The Facilities Management Plan comprises:

  • Review of the current years spend and work completed against budget
  • Risk assessment report
  • Breakdown of work planned for the next financial years by line items with associated budget
  • Revenue sources
  • The agreed budget for the Financial Year.

The Facilities Management Plan is distributed within the Trust and to the Parish Council.

To view Facilities Maintenance Plans, click here: Facilities Maintenance Plans

Five Year Strategy and Adopted Projects Plans:

The Sports and Recreation Trust has produced and updated a Five Year Strategy since 2011. This was to provide a coherent view of potential future projects that would enhance the sports and recreation facilities for the community.  As the projects progressed, certain ones reached a level of maturity that enabled them to become Adopted Projects and detailed plans, costings and targets set for these in the Adopted Projects Plan.

To view the Five Year Strategies and the Adopted Project Plans, click here: Five Year Strategy and Adopted Projects Plans