The Sports and Recreation Trust has been involved in a number of major project over the years, designed to provide improved sports and recreation facilities for the community.  These include:

  • The skateboard park
  • The BMX track, which had a major refurbishment in 2012 and has been maintained annually since then.
  • The pavilion was built in 2009 to replace temporary accommodation that had been provided after a fire burned down the original pavilion.
  • The new football pitch.
  • Portable floodlighting to improve training facilities.
  • Five picnic tables, two near the pavilion and three near the BMX track.
  • A Sports and Recreation Survey of the community in 2013 to establish what the community wanted in terms of new sports and recreation facilities.
  • Security fencing around the Recreation Ground
  • Boules court and picnic tables on the Memorial Hall Recreation Ground

The Sports and Recreation Trust has also provide grant funding to a wide range of organisations and individuals in the community.  A full breakdown of grants provided
since 2011 are included: