The Trust has successfully completed a number of projects, mainly on the West Street Recreation Ground, to improve sports and recreation facilities in the village.  The Trust has managed and raised funds for these projects which have cost £255,906.67 in the period December 2011 to December 2023.

These projects are as follows:

  1. The BMX track underwent a major refurbishment and improvement project in 2012, cost £4,708.00.  This facility has a biennial full maintenance programme to ensure its continued use.
  2. Fencing was installed along the Matts Lane side of the Recreation Ground and around the car park in 2013, cost £7,463.00.
  3. The Trust carried out a Sports and Recreation Survey across the whole community in 2013 to find out what new and improved facilities were wanted by the community.  The cost was absorbed in the Trust annual operating costs.
  4. Five picnic tables were installed on the Recreation Ground, three near the BMX track and two near the pavilion in 2014, cost £10,827.00.
  5. Portable floodlighting purchased in 2014 to improve training facilities, cost £3,022.00
  6. Installation of a boules court and two picnic tables on the Memorial hall Recreation Ground in 2016/17, cost £8,136.00.
  7. Installation of a defibrillator on the pavilion in 2017, cost £1,748.00.
  8. Installation of fixed floodlighting on the training are and a light for the car park area in 2019, cost £27,044.00. Please provide a link to Replacement of the Fixed Floodlighting page)
  9. The construction of a porch on the pavilion to reduce weather damage and provide shelter for users removing their boots in 2019, cost £8,992.00.
  10. The installation of the Adventure Play Area and the Outdoor Gym Equipment in 2019, cost £162,576.00.
  11. Installation of CCTV cameras to provide security for the Adventure Play area in 2020, cost £2,350.00.
  12. Resurfacing the carpark to improve accessibility and safety in 2021, cost £22,140.00


Prior to 2011, the Trust completed the following major projects on the West Street Recreation Ground:

  1. The creation of the new football pitch at the southern end of the extended Recreation Ground.  This project was carried out in 2000/01 and the cost estimate was £73,700.00.
  2. The build of the new pavilion in 2009 to replace a temporary installation that was put in place after the original pavilion was destroyed in a fire.  The estimated cost for the installed and connected pavilion was £60,381.00.  Subsequently, the tractor/storage shed was added into the project at an estimated cost of £16,000.00.
  3. The Trust supported the Parish Council in the initial development of the skateboard park and BMX track in 2000.
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