The Stoke sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust is an unincorporated charity run entirely by volunteers. It is registered with the Charity Commission, registration number 1063874, and is governed by its Constitution, the Operating Manual and the associated policies.

The Operating Manual comprises:

Part 1 – Constitution
The document contains the constitution of the Trust and the responsibilities of the Trustees.

Part 2 – Governance
This document details the objectives of the Trust, the management committee and its responsibilities, the organisation, the instructions and requirements for committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting, and the terms of reference for the officers and the sub-committees.

Part 3 – Operating Procedures 
This document details the procedures and requirements for the constituted subcommittees and has a calendar of events.

Part 4 – Policies, Forms, Documents and Agreements 
This document lists the Trust policies, forms, documents, and agreements and their latest issue status.

The Trust has the following policies:

Policy NumberTitles
SRT Policy 001Finance Policy
SRT Policy 002Health and Safety Statement
SRT Policy 003Health and Safety Policy
SRT Policy 004Risk Assessment Policy
SRT Policy 005Fire Safety Policy
SRT Policy 006First Aid Policy
SRT Policy 007Drugs and Alcohol Policy
SRT Policy 008Complaints and Grievance Policy
SRT Policy 009Safeguarding
SRT Policy 010Volunteer Management
SRT Policy 011Inspections Policy
SRT Policy 012Conflict of Interest Policy
SRT Policy 013Grants Policy
SRT Policy 014Data Protection Policy
SRT Policy 015Code of Conduct
SRT Policy 016Diversity Equal Opportunities Policy
SRT Policy 017Commercial Procurement
SRT Policy 018Smoking Policy
SRT Policy 019Control of Contractors
SRT Policy 020Management of Legionella in Pavilion Water
Systems during Lockdown – Cancelled
SRT Policy 021Reserve Funds Policy
SRT Policy 022Preferred Suppliers Policy
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