The Stoke sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust has been providing grants to organisations and individuals in the village to support sports and recreation activities since 2011.

The funds for these grants are raised through the hard work and commitment of the dedicated band of volunteers in the Charity Shop and in the S&RT Events Committee, who organise the May Fayre. A proportion of the Charity Shop and the S&RT Events Committee profits are allocated to the provision of grants.

If you want you can see the full record of grants provided since 2011.


Any organisation or individual in the village can apply for a grant from the Trust provided that the activity applied for meets the Trust’s objects of sport and recreation.

The grants tend to be given for project-based activities rather than to cover routine operating costs. But, every case is judged on its merits, the benefits to the community and the need. If you have a project that you think qualifies, please contact the Trust to see if it is worth applying.

The Trust tends not to fund 100% of the costs and expects the applicant to raise a proportion of the total funds required for the project from other sources.


Grants can be applied for either through the Charity Shop, the S&RT Events Committee or the Trust Executive Committee. It is recommended that you contact someone from the Trust before completing a Grant Application Form to discuss your application. You can do this through the contact page or you can speak directly to a member of the Charity Shop, S&RT Events or Trust Executive Committees.

The Grant Application Form can be downloaded and it includes instructions on how to complete the form.

Once the completed Grant Application Form has been received by the Trust, it has to be approved by the relevant sub-Committee and agreed by the Executive Committee and this process can take up to two months.

Good luck with your application

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