New Sports and Recreation Facilities

The Sports and Recreation Trusts is responsible for providing new sports and recreation facilities within the community.  This can be achieved in two ways:

  • The development of major projects to provide improved sports and recreation facilities that are managed by the Sports and Recreation Trust;
  • The provision of grants to other organisations to help them provide improved facilities and activities for the community.

Since 2011, the Sports and Recreation Trust has provided £75,501.96 through either carrying out its own projects or through providing grants to other organisations.  Details of individual projects or grants is available at Past Projects Overview

The Future Projects sub Committee is responsible for providing details of future projects required by the community, which are published in a FiveYear Strategy.  The Trust decides which projects to prioritise and these become adopted projects.  The Future Projects sub Committee is required to scope these adopted projects and manage the process of producing specifications, carrying the competition to select contractors, fund raising and project management during implementation.