We have an agreement with the Parish Council, who are the hold the Lease for the Recreation Ground from the Duchy of Cornwall, for the management and maintenance of the Recreation Ground on West Street.

We look after the grass cutting and grounds maintenance, maintenance of the pavilion and the tractor shed, maintenance and safety inspection of the Adventure Play Area, which comprises the BMX track, the skateboard park, the adventure play equipment, the outdoor gym equipment and the agility trail. The aim is to ensure that the grounds and facilities in a safe and useable condition for the community.

The planned programme of maintenance is presented to the Parish Council annually as the Facilities Maintenance Plan and Budget. The programme of work costs between £15,000.00 and £20,000.00 per year, depending on the scope of the planned work. We get a grant from the Parish Council for this work and the balance required is raised through fees for using the facilities, other grants and, primarily, from funds raised by the Charity Shop and the Sport and Recreation Trust Event Committee.

We are required to conduct regular visual inspections of the facilities, which are carried out on a routine basis by members of the Trust and reported to the Parish Council on a monthly basis. We also contract with a sports and recreation equipment inspection company for three quarterly Operational Inspections and one Annual Inspection. The reports from these inspections are distributed to the Parish Council and they form the basis of planned maintenance work for the Adventure Play Area facilities and equipment.

stoke sub hamden recreational ground

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