Their fixed floodlighting around the training area at the West Street end of the Recreation Ground was replaced in 2019. The new floodlighting comprises six medium/light weight, 7 metre base-hinged columns with double and triple LED asymmetric lights. The asymmetric lighting focusses the light on the training area and reduces spillage into other areas. This training facility is very important to both our Senior and Youth teams enabling training during the winter months by providing good light levels over the whole training are and floodlighting the car park area. This allows full and safe use of the training area.

The project cost cost £22,180.00 and the Trust received S106 grant funding of £7,769.00 from the Tayberry Close development from SSDC towards the project.

The Trust would like to thank SSDC for their support to the project and Sports Lighting, the contractors, who were very supportive to the Trust throughout the project definition phase whilst working to meet SSDC requirements.

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