The pavilion is a wooden structure with its main door facing towards the west and increasing damage in the door area had been identified caused by water ingress. The aim of the project was to minimise future damage by building a porch to cover the front entrance area, which was intended to not only reduce the damage caused by water ingress from the weather, but will also give the teams somewhere to remover their boots under shelter before entering the pavilion.

The project was completed in early 2019 and cost the Trust £8,992.02. SSDC provided S106 grant funding of £7123.00 from the Tayberry Close development towards the cost of the project.

The Trust would like to thank SSDC for their advice and support towards this project and to thank Barry Gosney, the contractor, for completing the project successfully on time and int budget.

The porch now provides an entrance to the pavilion that protects the structure of the building from wet westerly weather conditions and provides an area with bench seating for the footballers to remove their muddy boots before entering the pavilion itself.

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