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The Stoke Football Club and other members of the public have let the Trust know that there are still problems on the Recreation Ground with dog owners not cleaning up after their dog has fouled in a public place. Dog owners must take responsibility for their own dogs and if people are caught failing to do so, they can face a fine or prosecution in court. Let us all try to avoid that unpleasantness and take responsibility for cleaning up after our own dogs. Members of the public or the User Groups who find dog mess on the Recreation Ground are requested to report it to the Trust or the Parish Council and to report it on the SSDC website – this will raise the profile of the problem. To report it on the SSDC website – in “Search” type in “Dog” and in the drop down options at the bottom is “Dog Fouling”. Click on that and at the bottom of this page is a button for “Reporting Dog Fouling”. Thank you to all the responsible dog owners out there and thank you to all who help to solve this problem.

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